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Flowserve Audco Butterfly Valves

Flowserve Audco Slimseal Butterfly Valves
Flowserve Audco Slimseal Butterfly Valves

Audco butterfly valves are wafer type valves with an integrally moulded elastomer body liner which are designed to outperform loose liners. The elastomer liner of an Audco butterfly valve is moulded directly in the body bore and vulcanised in-situ, to make it last the entire life of the valve. As a result, Audco butterfly valves are totally maintenance-free. In other words, it is a fit and forget valve.

Audco Butterfly Valves are available in different combinations of body, liner and disc materials to suit a wide range of line fluids, a size range of 50 to 600 mm, and a pressure rating up to PN 20. This permits its use in a wide range of applications making the Audco Butterfly Valve a truly versatile valve.

Advantages of integrally moulded liner

Longer valve life

Integral moulding permits maximising the use of plasticiser in elastomer formulation. This ensures a smooth surface, thereby reducing friction between the disc and liner. In-situ vulcanisation imparts greater strength to the liner. Reduced friction and high strength of the seat extend the life of the valve.

Superior seating

The integrally moulded body liner of an Audco Butterfly Valve is not subjected to stretching, which is the cause for fatigue in loose-lined elastomers. Fatigue in elastomer results in excessive wear and subsequent tearing of the liner. A torn liner can be easily swept into the line causing extensive damage to expensive down-stream equipment. Though in valves with loose liners the seat can be replaced, by the time it is done the line fluid would have caused some corrosion to the valve body. This causes imperfect seating of the new liner, resulting in leakages. These drawbacks are eliminated in an Audco Butterfly Valve due to the integrally moulded liner design.

Shaft sealing

In Audco Butterfly Valve the rubber body liner incorporates flats at the top and the bottom where the shaft passes through, providing a wide sealing area. The secondary sealing is by two ‘O’ rings that are moulded at the top and bottom of the seat, which get compressed around the shaft. A weatherseal at the top of the shaft prevents any ingress of foreign material into the valve.

Fully isolated valve internals

The wide sealing area of an Audco butterfly valve also ensures the line fluid does not enter the stem area and get contaminated.

Easy installation

Audco Butterfly Valve has a gasket integral to the body which eliminates the need for a separate gasket between the valve face and companion flange. In addition, as the liner is bonded to the body, it will not hang out or get pinched during installation. Damage to expensive replaceable seats is thereby eliminated.

For corrosive applications

Flowserve Audco Chemseal Butterfly Valves
Flowserve Audco Chemseal Butterfly Valves

Audco Chemseal is a wafer type butterfly valve specifically designed for corrosive services. The body liner is formulated from Hypalon which is a synthetic elastomer having a chemical inertness very close to that of PTFE, but at the same time having the resilience of rubber. This design eliminates contact of the valve body and shaft from the line media. These valves find application on lines carrying aqueous acids, alkali solutions and majority of inorganic salts. The valve has a coating of epoxy paint capable of withstanding corrosive atmospheres.

For hygienic applications

Flowserve Audco Cleanseal Butterfly Valves
Flowserve Audco Cleanseal Butterfly Valves

Audco Cleanseal is a wafer type butterfly valve specifically designed for hygienic services. The body seat is formulated from food grade EPDM or white Acrylo nitrile rubber, both synthetic elastomers which do not impart any toxic substance, colour, odour or flavour to the line media. This design eliminates contact of the valve body and shaft from the line media. These valves find application on Hygienic lines in food, dairy, beverages, pharmaceutical and other related industries. The valve has a white epoxy paint for providing corrosion resistance. These valves are available in a size range of 50 to 300 mm and maximum pressure rating of 16 bar for EPDM and 14 bar for White Nitrile.

Self draining and cavity free

The Cleanseal valve design incorporates a crevice free construction, which is a pre-requisite for valves to be used on hygienic services. A smoothly streamlined elastomer lining with a fully polished stainless steel disc ensures that there are no dead pockets or crevices in the valve. The body seat and disc of the Cleanseal are contoured in such a way that it is impossible for any line media to remain stagnant inside the valve. The wiping action of the disc ensures that the seat is always maintained clean.

Audco Slimseal PN10

Audco Slimseal PN10 offers a cost effective solution to HVAC systems and is available in sizes from 50 mm to 300 mm, for use in water and air services.

Audco Slimseal PN16 / PN20 / Chemseal / Cleanseal

The valves have been designed to fit without gaskets between flanges drilled to BS 10 Tables D & E, ASME B16.1 / B16.5 Class 150, DIN ND 10/16, EN1092 – PN10/16, IS 6418 Tables 6 to 9 or IS 6392 Tables 10 to 20.

Lugged valves are provided with tapped holes as per ASME Bl6.1 Class 125 (UNC).

Body top platform drilled to ISO 5211 to facilitate direct mounting of actuators and gear units.


Audco butterfly valves can be supplied with factory fitted pneumatic, hydraulic or electric actuators along with other accessories such as limit switches, manual overrides, positioners etc., to form a complete flow control package.

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